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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249
[email protected]

“Exuberant… Kowalski is a talented stylist.”

–The New York Times Book Review

Content Consulting

William Kowalski is available for hire as a web content consultant and creator. With a lifetime of writing experience, and 15+ years' experience in web design, he is a fast and agile writer with a strong knack for writing meaningful, engaging text that pleases both humans and search engines.

Editing & Mentoring

William Kowalski is an experienced writing editor and mentor. Many of his clients have gone on to publish their work, and one has become an international best-seller. Although he is not currently accepting editing clients, he is willing to discuss mentoring opportunities with up-and-coming writers.

Dad Jokes

As a husband and father, William Kowalski has a highly developed sense of dad humor. His dad jokes have been shared far and wide on Facebook. He comes up with new ones at an astonishing rate. All of William Kowalski's dad jokes are free to be reshared by those who can stand them.